Hi, I'm Taylor and I love making things with metal and wood, writing code, four wheel driving and getting my Landcruiser stuck in mud, building mechanical things with LEGO Technic, TIG welding, LED lighting, my wife Samantha and my sons Jack and Rufus. I enjoy almost all hobbies, and am interested in almost everything except for sports and pop culture.
Use Tasker to replace “Find my Friends”
I’ve recently switched from an iPhone to an android device, and I’m loving the mountains of customization that I have at my fingertips! Google of course has access to every Read more.
FJ62 Landcruiser gearbox oil change tip
In Toyota’s infinite wisdom, they put the gearbox oil fill it up on the side of the gearbox under the vehicle. Meaning to get oil into it you have to Read more.
Carbonated Water C02
Lets carbonate for cheap! We all love fizzy water, carbonated water. And the popularity of home carbonators sure has helped people throw out less plastic bottles. But my goodness are Read more.
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